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★ The components of the movable room are recycled. After the components are galvanized, they can be used for 20 years without any construction waste. ★ The high-rise movable room adopts a cold-formed thin-walled light steel structure system, and the walls and roofs are covered with color steel composite sandwich panels. ★ When the movable room leaves the factory, accessories such as ceiling, disassembly and assembly ground, disassembly and assembly eaves, and color steel doors can be selected according to the actual application. ★ The prefab house is highly adaptable to the environment, easy to install on site, and can be used as a large number of economical and low-cost temporary offices and accommodation.

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Sturdy corner pieces: disassemble and assemble at will, easy to transport, long service life Yanli cotton surface: strong stability, reusable, good thermal insulation effect Anti-rust doors and windows: The doors and windows of container movable houses have flexible components and good anti-rust effect. Reusable: Economical and durable, the box is made of recyclable materials and can be reused
Bottorn Frame structure 2.5mm thick profiled steel
Floor MGO board,waterproof, fireproof(Option Fiber cement)
Floor finshes 1.8mm PVC flooring (extra cost)
Roof Frarme structure 2.5mm thick profiled steel
Outside cover 0.426mm steel shcet
Insulation glass wool
Ceiling 0.25mm steel sheet bottom tile
Color Customizable
Use Carport, Hotel,House, Kiosk Booth Office, Sentry Box,GuardHouse,Shop.Toilet, Villa Warehouse,IWorkshop,Plant
Coener post 4.5 cold rolled steel profile, galvanization, welded(160mm*160mm)
Wall panel Sandwich panel with 50mm rock wool
Window Aluminum alloy windows with dimension 925mm*1200mm(3mm single glass)
Door Steel door with dimension 925mm*2035mm
Electricity Light, Switch, Socket, distribution box, breaker and wire
Painting Automatic galvanizing and baking paint spray molding
Exterior size 5950(L)*3000(W)*2800H) or Customizable
Reasonable design Use strong building materials to build a house Strong and beautiful! Custom Door Choose high-quality soundproof doors Let you rest very comfortable Bright indoor Reasonable design complete line layout Eliminate safety hazards Spacious Office meeting can accommodate about 10 people Ladder handrail Wooden ladder and aluminum handrail Firm windows Adopt multi-window design Make indoor light brighter and warmer

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